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PCR Team Info

Meet The Team

Cinematographer / Director of Photography

Aiden Chapparone

Father, Cinematographer & Camera operator International Cinematographers Guild

Colorist & Motion Lead

Brian Tooker

Brian is a multimedia artist working in post-production in the film and commercial industry. He specializes in color correction/grading, motion graphics, and visual effects. With over a decade of experience in the industry from his previous company, BT Productions.

Editor / Sound

Megan Cottrell

Megan is a Phoenix-based editor who has been involved in the film and commercial industry for over ten years. In addition to editing, she has a background as a production
designer, production supervisor, and sound designer.

Editorial Lead

Tyler Schneider

Tyler is an accomplished editor specializing in film, television, and commercial video based in Phoenix, Arizona. He utilizes film editing to tell unique stories and bring video projects to life. Additionally, he specializes in sound editing, color grading, and motion graphics.


Matt Martian

Matt’s interest in photography started many years ago when he purchased a camera to document the life of his newborn son. His profound curiosity about the human experience, creativity, connection, and visual storytelling pushes him forward.  Matt Martian Photography specializes in portraiture, commercial, and editorial photography in Phoenix, Arizona, and the greater Southwest. Matt co-owns and operates from Blok Photo Studio. A multi- location premier day-light studio in Downtown Phoenix. He is
co-founder of Litebox Creative, a production powerhouse that provides gear rental and production support throughout Arizona.


Parco Richardson

Parco is a producer and writer based in Arizona. Growing up a Jehovah’s Witness in North Carolina, Parco’s childhood diverged from conventional celebrations, igniting his imaginative spark for crafting unique worlds of his own. This unconventional upbringing led him to discover his passion for storytelling as an outlet from his religious household, inspiring his journey into the world of media.  After high school, Parco enlisted in the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Post-military life, he pursued his dream of film, earning his degree from the Art Institute of Phoenix.  After paying his dues as a production assistant, he began producing big-budget commercials and content for companies like Intel, Axon, Discount Tire, and Arizona of Tourism. Parco is dedicated to human stories diversity and inclusion in his work.


JJ Bukowski

JJ is an award winning cinematographer with 12+ years of experience in the industry and recently nominated for an Emmy. His credits include commercial projects for Intel, Lenovo, Starbucks, Paradox and Chipotle as well as feature films such as Planet George, Wayfairing Stranger and IM’Perfect. He started his journey after attending SCC for motion picture production and worked as an apprentice to Jeffery Kimball, ASC. After working with Jeffrey on a feature film and several commercial projects in LA he continued his learning by traveling with Sean Fairburn, SOC, on several feature films and commercials.

Copy Writer / Creative Director

Sam Lowy

When I’m not in the office, a recording studio, or on set, I’m at home spending time with my wife and our two pups, Diego and Barkley, and our two cats, Dusty and Panda.  I am also a proud comedy nerd that has been writing, acting, and directing since 2008. I’ve performed in theaters like Second City (Hollywood) and Upright Citizens Brigade (New York) as a part of festivals such as the Del Close 72 Hour Improv Marathon, Bird City Comedy Festival and San Fransisco Sketch Festival.


Phillip Dittrick

Owner of The PCR Agency.  He has a wife and 3 children.  Phillip has always had a passion in the field of Marketing.